Sound like what you need? 

Believe in yourself and discover your true passion and find your new horizon. 

Get into your flow again. Listen to your own voice again. Act on your inner wisdom.


Your goals are on the horizon but you are stuck or somehow barricaded from them. The rigid routine of life and its obstacles have stopped your flow. It has made you restructure your whole life around things that do not make your heart sing.


Become in flow with life and see variations as opportunities rather than obstacles. That is what the Replenish Me Retreat is all about. In real time, reframing your ‘obstacles’ into opportunities.

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One of my first clients said, "Thank you for offering to meet each one of us where we are! Big hugs to you and as someone who has worked with you 1 on 1 and in courses, I highly I encourage others to!"
~Alexsandra S, 

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Self-nurturing is about peeling back the layers of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellness while mapping out and practicing new behaviors to create the life of your dreams.

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Work at your own pace through your choice of nutrition and fitness or mindset and mindfulness or the combined course.
It's a workbook, a cookbook and guide. Get Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moims Need
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When she speaks, here is what they say:


 Love your spirt, your smile, your essence. Loved your talking about Nourishment & sanctuary, two things that are key for me as well. Love your passion and love that you lead with your heart.  ❤~ Harmony, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018

Cordelia Gaffar is an excellent speaker and panelist. She participated and supported my business and event to promote diversity and amongst women. Cordelia is very poised but steadfast and captivating in her presentation. She is very knowledgeable about all things nutrition, wellness and living a well-rounded healthy life in spite of any circumstances. I have had the pleasure to observe Cordelia in small group and large settings. She is humble, consistent and dependable. ~ Yolanda Johnson, Organizer Can You See Me Conference October 2016

You were amazing! The feelings you tapped into that LEGO section will forever be my beacon when telling a story! Lol!! ~ Loraine Van Tuyl, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018

 My joint venture partner and I hosted The Whole Woman Summit, a virtual gathering for women and had the good fortune of booking Mrs. Cordelia Gaffar as one of our speakers. Ms. Gaffar was prepared, informative and delivered her key takeaways as promised. Your audience will appreciate her delivery and wisdom. ~ Lisa Alexander, organizer The Whole Woman Summit, March 2017

Your presence is truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your Light with us all!~ Jennifer Emperador, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018


Hello Cordelia thank you so much for your powerful message...Rituals in daily life.. and how they affect me... showing up in life.. I lost my yoga practice due to injury/work then a car crash...  I am now making a major shift in my balance of life... 💞~Sallyanne Bliss, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018


Cordelia Gaffar, you were charming, deeply present, very cute and beautiful at the same time, as you shared your powerful story about how you found and created Sanctuary and opened up the way for so many others to do the same. Your joy in your own sanctuary of cooking is palpable and infections. ~Kavita, fellow WomanSpeak mastermind member and speaker